Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Carpe Craigslist

Seize the interconnectivity software.

I remember when craigslist was my little secret.
My 'Monster' away from 'Monster(Today's the day!TM)'; my vine-swinging friend in the Jungle.

But now that the point of critical mass has been reached, crushed, and rolled over by the teeming throng of job seekers flocking to its' friendly (and free) shores, I'm becoming a bit wary of craigslist.

The job specs on craig's used to be an invitation. A lonely hearts club of employers just lookin' to find that special someone who likes to take long walks down to the filing cabinet.

Simple times.

But now, things have changed. Employers may read the first lucky few resumes before they are compelled to run screaming from the room, terrified by the growing pile of incoming resumes threatening to burst the seams of their Inbox. [There's one for the 'dept. of homeland security' to set their dogs on.]

Meanwhile, how's my curriculum vitae supposed to stand up to that kind of competition?

It's like being The Quilting Channel in the expanding universe of cable television. Who's going to stop surfing for 'lil ol me? I've got great corners -- but no sex, drugs, and rock and roll to draw 'em in!

I'm very tempted to write a job description ( one that would get my saliva going ) and post it myself, just to see who responds. Then I can get some idea of what I'm up against in the Craigsphere...

[...not to mention the added benefit of diverting traffic away from the postings that I want to respond to!] ;^)

Hey, jungle times call for jungle measures...